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Make Every Step of Your Funnel Count

If the Pixel is the most crucial aspect of a successful Facebook campaign, the ads must be the next, right?  Not so fast….

It’s important to take a look at the blueprint of your entire funnel and ask yourself a few questions –

Is your funnel appropriate for your audience and offer?
A higher priced offer will need more touchpoints to nurture your leads, but be sure not to over complicate things. If you have a high-ticket offer, you need to build trust with your audience.

Can your funnel retaining those who have engaged with your ads?
Are the ads, the landing page and any subsequent sequence, delivering a cohesive message?  Disjointed content will see your leads drop off at an unacceptable rate.

Is your landing page clear, obvious and succinct?
Again, you don’t want to over complicate things. Keep it simple and stay on track with your message and objective.

Is the flow of your funnel as simple as it could be?
Again, keep it simple. Don’t add in fancy steps just to look clever. Make sure every step of your funnel has a purpose.  If your lead is asked to enter their email address too many times, there is a chance they will drop off.

What happens once a lead has submitted their details?
Once you have the details of a lead, are you in a position to respond to them promptly, or do you have automations in place to continue the nurturing process?  The quicker you can re-engage with your leads the higher your conversion rate will be.

Are you going to be able to take action on those leads in a matter of hours?
At the point of the funnel where you need to contact your lead, are you able to contact them in a matter of hours?  Or will it be days? The quicker you can take action the better your conversion rate will be.  Waiting a day or even days to contact a lead will likely see them losing interest in your offer, or even forget that they’ve submitted their details to you.

Do you have automations in place for when your campaign is going gang-buster and the leads are coming in thick and fast?
Be prepared! Have automations in place to keep your leads engaged when you’re not in a position to contact them ASAP.

Having a well thought out funnel can make or break your campaign and can have a huge impact on whether your campaigns are money pits or money makers.

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