Pharmacy-only Skin Treatment

In late 2017, we began working with an established, pharmacy-only, skin care brand.  This brand had been struggling to achieve budget goals for some time.

We launched their Facebook campaign in October 17, and since the launch, the brand has seen a dramatic shift in sales and has managed to exceed budget each month since the launch of the campaign.

In February 2018, we were able to achieve a 31x on ROAS on the Budget vs Actual alone, and 318x ROAS on total revenue.

Prior to launching their Facebook campaign, this brand certainly would have fallen well short of its’ budget goals, however, this brand is now on track to exceed its FY17/18 budget.


E-Commerce Skin Care

In early 2018, we were approached by an Australian-owned Cosmeceutical brand, and tasked with improving their current Facebook campaign. We had specific instructions NOT to scale spend or implement any new campaigns until we had proved our worth.

With the adjustments made to the campaign in week 1, we saw significant improvement in the following week and beyond:

> A CPA reduction of at least 50% with the rollout of new ad creative

> A reduction of at least 17% in CPM

> A 16% increase in sales

> ROAS up 80% in just 1 week


Health & Wellness

We have had a number of successes in the health and wellness industry.

One particularly satisfying partnership commenced in 2015 when we began working with a yoga studio, in regional Australia.  At the time, they were struggling to increase revenue, were in a stagnant growth cycle and cash flow was a major issue.  In fact, the possibility of having to close the studio was looking like the only option.

We worked with the studio to implement a long term acquisition and retention strategy, and following the first month of Facebook activity, their revenue tripled and we were able to maintain that uplift as we continued to optimise their Facebook and email marketing campaigns.